Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In the Works Wednesday

This post runs almost too late at night to remain Wednesday for some of you readers, but I'll swing it in under the wire to get my post title! 

Given the complete lack of light, the photos are not my best. However they give a good idea of the changes made to this little gal. She's pretty much done at this point except for her chest/underbelly/groin area. Those areas shouldn't take too long to finish and then I'll make my mold to get my master copy. That's where the real work begins. 

Those ears really need thinning and refining for that particular Saddlebred look. I loved the flagged tail!

I also loved the roached mane/forelock. It allows me to leave that neck exposed. As much as I love to sculpt hair on a horse, when you have such a beautiful neck, sometimes it's hard on me to have to cover it up.

I also adore the action of this piece! The resin legs will be heated and tilted in more to show the almost perfectly in-line positioning of the weight-bearing legs. That back hock needs tucking in more too. I had a blast really watching how these guys moved to get the dynamic twisting of the joints correct.

Notice the difference in the head? Besides some ear shaping (remember, thinning will come later in more durable resin form), I completely repositioned and resculpted her eyes. I added a little more to the front lower cheeks, and also reshaped the top of the nose a little. It really helped to make her look more like the breed she is portraying. Those ears getting thinned will make a huge difference in finishing off that look.

It is always astounding to me to see just how much difference the smallest little touch of clay will make on a piece. A sixteenth of an inch can make or break the look you were going for. It never ceases to amaze me, no matter how many pieces I've worked on. 

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sarakerrigan said...

Love the face. You are really capturing the ASB look!