Monday, June 14, 2010

Flying Hearts Fundraiser - Melissa Gaulding needs our help!

It's truly amazing to me the capacity of generosity and love we humans can have. It just seems to take something very important for us to step up to the plate. And step up we have!

Melissa Gaulding, a fellow hobbyist known and loved by many of you, has had a run of nasty luck. Her husband Herman is battling cancer right now, and in order to pay for medical bills, she would liquidate her entire collection. Because of the effort of many individuals who wanted to share her pain and ease some of her burden during this tribulation, the Flying Hearts Fundraiser was born. Hobbyists across the globe have donated services or products to help raise funds, many offering up prize pieces in their collections. For someone who can have a rather cynical view of humanity like I can at times, it was truly an awe-inspiring and awakening sight for me to see the response of caring individuals. Of course, I had to get on board and do what I could to help as well!

So, my way to start off the donation line up was to paint a piece that had just been sitting base-coated in my studio for *years*. Enter Sarah Mink's Feral Mare medallion. She's up on Auction Barn right now! Be sure to check out all the other fantastic items hobbyists have donated as well in that special Flying Hearts Fundraiser auction section.

Next up? I'll also be painting a Dinky Duke graciously donated by Jackie Arns and will have a few other items. I have to make sure the rest are do-able before I commit them though. But if I can, they will be *very* nice items!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Mini Blobness and a Sneak Peek

Mini Darcy is shaping up, though she is most definitely still in the rough layout stage. Proportions are a bit off and so she'll need to be cut up and put back together in places. Things need to be sanded and other need building up. She really looks aweful right now, but again, this is for learning more about what goes in to sculpting a mini from scratch so they get posted anyway! They'll be fun to look back at after she's been beautified. ;)

Also, because I'm having such a good time with the mini and I'd like to get more out, I've got another little one I've started! The pose was taken from a photo of a Saddlebred and I was going to go that way, but I think I was channeling my Arabian at the time because this little thing just kind of went towards that breed on it's own accord. So, I'm not gonna fight it when it's yelling that loud at me!