Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In the Works Wednesday

Silly title, I know. It's late. I decided not to post the new photos of the finished painted works because I'm *so* close to uploading the new website that I'll save them for there. The blog is more for the "in the works" stuff anyway. All those "in between" pictures of the piece before completion need a place too. This is it. So, in the spirit of that, here's some shots of some little misc. sculpture stuff I've been up to!

Remember those three sneak peek photos a few posts back? That's the Icelandic Horse hangin' in his second coating of rubber. All that good stuff is dripping down onto the Willy Remember Me portrait piece, who's in her first layer of rubber. Still lots of layers to go. I've been neglecting them too. The poor Icelandic, Baldur has been sitting in that first layer for over a month now. Mimi has been sitting there too, just sans rubber. It only takes me a half an hour or so to measure, mix, and apply the rubber to the two of them so I need to just set aside some time for them. 

I've also been experimenting with claybodying. For some time I've seen Darcy as an Arab, but never wanted to do all that customizing work in resin and Apoxie. Mud ponies provided the answer. :) 

I love it! Don't mind that back right foot. It's globby and will be sanded after she's bisque. I'm thinking fiery chestnut with chrome. Or a contrasty dappled rose gray. Not sure which way to go yet. The original Darcy bisqued is below so you can compare. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We did not get "burned" in this fire and two lovely bisque Darcy's are the end result! Check out the photo of Darcy 1 and Darcy 2 (claybody custom) Karen e-mailed me this morning!

What a nice way to start your morning, huh? I had gone up to Karen's yesterday for a quick lesson in how to work the kiln and programs. She wanted to see the real horses so she was nice enough to drive them down today for me. Aren't they gorgeous? I couldn't be more pleased. For all her amazing help and support I gave the claybody custom to Karen as a thank you. I cannot wait to see her work her glazing magic on it!

The earthenware slip I used was Laguna's CN-401G and I was worried it was going to fire an off white/tan color. Turns out it is a nice white after all! Good to know as this stuff is very easy to obtain and comes in these great little 1 gallon containers. It's been very easy to work with, which is a big bonus for a newb at all this. 

The uber thick cable for my crazy huge wattage-sucking kiln came in, so I'll be juicing this bad boy up shortly. Now that I know what I'm doing has been successful, there will be many more clinky goodies to come!