Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NAN lot peek and just because

I'm so squeaking under the deadline wire with this year's NAN donation, but she will be utterly worth it! When I first signed up I debated on going with either Legacy or Darling. But I was becoming particularly fond of my newer HUS filly so I decided to go with her. I also felt she'd be more versatile then my jumper and attract a larger crowd. If I had time, I probably would have sanded down her braids and banded her mane/forelock, but as you can see I ran out so I will just plan on doing that on another copy. I had also debated making "her" a "him" with some minor customizing, but again Time foiled me. That's the beauty of being the sculptor of a resin though is that many more bodies for all these ideas are readily available. :D LOTS of colors I want to paint on this gal as she can get away with anything under the sun with that stock breeding so she'll probably one of my most highly painted resins in the future.

Usually I only paint one or two of my editions. I want to change that. Now that I have a pretty good stock of unpainted resins of my own to choose from, I'll be integrating more paint work into my sculpting routine. In my on going quest to catch up from the disastrous roto-caster wait, I've been painting more while I get these unpainted bodies out to customers. I've found the switch a refreshing break and noticed that when I do go to sculpt, I feel more energized and my eyes more open to what I am doing. This is pretty important as it means I do things with less faults the first time so there's not to much "reworking" anymore. Do you know how much time that saves? And time is money when this is your "career".

But I digress. NAN Lot. My piece is part of the Sweepstakes lots and I'm pretty happy about that. My work sells for high dollars on the market, so this makes a very nice piece affordable to many people in that all it takes is one winning ticket! A small amount for a ticket is much easier than trying to come up with a huge sum of money.

The color I finally decided on for my "Girl Gone Hunting" was dunalino. It seams to be the emerging color lately and I knew it'd help show off the femininity of this piece. Not to mention I could get a "flashy" solid color done in time rather than trying for a more time-consuming pinto pattern. She's shown below in her airbrushed basecoat (forgive the messy studio table-top bg) and as you can see the soft golden color is lovely on her. She's as pretty as a girl could hope to be. :D And we'll add just a touch of chrome in those back legs and a small facial marking to top it off.

Moving away from the NAN lot for a moment, I felt moved to post this. Most of you know we moved from our Denver suburb home to the beauty of the CO foothills (which most of you would call mountains). Everyday I look outside or sit out on our deck and am so very thankful we could call this place home. It's been amazing. The majesty of nature that constantly surrounds me is breathtaking and so very refreshing and inspiring. I realized how stifled and frustrated I was becoming living in our cookie cutter home neighborhood now. I am so much happier and at peace up here. I grew up 1.2 miles away from our new home at the house my parents still live in too so it's basically coming home to me.

It's been really sunny here lately, as CO tends to be, but this last week we've gotten a little breather in the form of misty rainy weather. It's been wonderfully cool at about 60 during the day to break up all that mid 80's stuff. This is actually my favorite weather. Everything becomes so green and there is a magical feel to everything around me. We are usually quite literally in a cloud.

During the first day of this, as the rain storm was beginning to let up and move on, we were pleasantly surprised to see this double rainbow in our property. Hubby immediately told me to go run and grab the camera before they disappeared, as those elusive rainbows tend to do. This is our barn, though the horses are on the other side of the field when this was taken. You can't see it in this photo, but when the skies are clear, if you were to look where that ridge behind us goes down to the right there, the city can be seen. We call it our CO ocean because it almost looks like the rolling seas.