Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cantering WB - finished the sculpey part!

So, still no name as of yet, though I do have a few in mind that I'm narrowing it down from. I've finished all the work I want to do with the Sculpey, baked him, and will be making my waste mold of him tomorrow!

 There are plenty of little tweaks this guy needs! I won't go into pointing them all out but the big ones will be cleaning up the hoofies - like sanding down a lot from that front left one and building up some more on that back left one - finishing the tail, sanding smooth the sections I worked on him in so that they all blend together fluidly with no bumps/breaks/cracks, fixing the areas where the sculpey cracked, and adding veins/details/shoes.

 Once I get the feet sized right and more even with the others I'll sculpt the bottom of the hooves on before sculpting on shoes.

 It's much easier to work on a sturdy, cast-as-one-piece resin form for this stuff than risk putting too much pressure on a sculpey piece and having it break off.