Monday, March 18, 2013

Mulinette Monday

So, most of you know that I'm switching my web hosting service to InMotion. Yahoo has been a regular pain in the arse getting my registry key so I can make the official switch. The hold times on the phone are over an hour long at this point in time because of their switch from FTP to FTPS and morons who don't know how to change their settings are most likely plugging their phone lines. So, since I refuse to stay on hold for that long, I"m waiting for an e-mail. Still waiting.

Meantime, I'm finishing up lots of ponies! Photos of Jane's Reiner, Tanja's Victrix, Kayla's Stormwatch and Katrina's David will soon be up! And there are a several horses right on their heals too! I've been getting in some china action too - there's a local show in May that I'd actually like to bring some stuff too. And if I do, it's a great motivator to finish even more stuff. I'm *just* about finished with Morgan's chestnut Darcy, and I saw a reference photo for my bisque bone china Mulinette that went "POW! That's it!" to me. I couldn't wait to get started so while the cold-painted ponies were drying I'm giving Darcy a kiln buddy.

That's all you get is this little sneak peek! And this shot has since been improved upon as of tonight. :)

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