Monday, January 14, 2013

Pizzaz Painting

Okay, so I'm a *huge* fan of Deb McDermott horses. I love that woman's work. And, her style of sculpting and my style of painting just seem to mesh really well. The end results are usually fantastic.

So naturally, when I got a chance to paint another David any way I wanted I was a very happy panda. He is probably my favorite sculpture by her to date. Here is a dark dappled palomino with some soot coming along. I love the way the overo markings just create even more movement in this piece and add just that much more "pizzaz." I'm usually not a huge fan of flashy paint jobs, but this guy has so much presence to him already, he can handle it without being overwhelmed.

This side is just about finished. The mapping needs to be added to that tummy spot, and more white needs to be applied to that leg. The m/t of course gets saved for last with the hoofies and base.

I adore this model's head. Honestly...just look at it! How could you not?

And those large eyes are great for painting. Can you believe this blue orb is done 99% in colored pencil?

Where's the other side? Not quite ready for photos. :) I need to add the layer of raw umber to bring out the soot and block in the markings on that side. Honestly, that's really all that's left to do besides finish the details.

I'm thinking I might have do grab an idea from Danielle Feldman's blog and do an artist collaboration post of pieces of Deborah's I've painted. There's not many, but the ones that have been done are definitely lookers!


Sian said...

Wow! Just wow...that eye!

Laurel A. Haig said...

Yes, WOW on the eye! Colored pencils, really? I would love to know more about how you did that eye using colored pencils. Maybe a step-by-step tutorial?

Jenn Scott said...

Thanks, Ladies! Yep a tutorial will be forthcoming. :) Have to find another blue eye to "paint" now so I can take step-by-step pictures!