Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The McDermott/Scott Exhibit

Last post I promised a viewing of the small collection of Deb McDermott resins I've painted over the years. Oddly enough, after uploading them all to the blog, I realized they were all chestnut base horses! At least the new David in progress (see previous post) is a palomino. I've got another David, my final copy, I plan on doing in dapple gray. I've also got a Pearl (the 5.5" one) I'll paint something (still don't know what for sure) for a sales piece way in the future, and a customized Gomez I'm going to have a hard time parting with that will be a buckskin going gray. We'll see what else ends up in my "stable" in the future as well.

So the exhibit. I guess we'd better start with the horse that really started it all, a David painted homozygous tobiano. He was quite the topic back when I did him several years ago. I remember I had been struggling with dapples. I decided to try a different technique than the one I'd been working with at the time and I still use it to this day. Oddly enough, the David in progress took that technique one more step further in my quest to get amazing dapples. He was also the first horse I shot with my new camera and I was still playing with all those features trying to get a good shot. 

The next McDermott piece I painted was a Persuasion - the original big'un the little Pearls were modeled after. She was finished shortly after the David above. I remember being so jazzed with how he came out that I wanted to start another horse right away. Since Persuasion was my only other piece of Deb's at the time, I chose her thinking if I'd had such great luck with him maybe it'd cary over. It did. While it doesn't show the amazing quality of depth and color in the photos, this horse is probably my best chestnut *ever*. No joke. This is really a must see in person horse.  

Next up is another great chestnut. I warned you about the chestnut thing okay? This is Bint Soraya, another traditional Arabian mare. I do love the toasty color of this horse! I also remember struggling capturing that color on film. For some reason, with my usual neutral background, she was coming out orange in photos and   I just couldn't color correct it to where it should have been. So, she got a black bg and all was good. This mare was one that finished up quickly - a week! Some of these kids just go easily and without a fuss like that. Trust me, I wish they all did. 

Mini Pearl I won't post too many shots of since you already saw her two posts ago. This little gem is definitely the most recent McDermott piece completed, being just a few days old. Coincidentally enough, she is owned by the same gal as the Persuasion above. 

So, seeing as how I have so many chestnuts, I've got a new goal to paint more of Deb's resins so I can add some new flavors to the mix! :)

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