Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Simple Saturday Update

JerryLynn's Sencillo is up next, leaving on Mini Darcy left from the early group batch. 

JL ordered up a graying smutty buckskin overo and I, along with lots of you I'm sure, will agree this is a great color for Sencillo. He did very well at a local show she took him to the day after completion!

I'm thinking that my lighting was a bit off the night I took all these photos before I handed the horses off to their owners the next day at Springamathing. I'm really not happy with how any of these photos came out. It just seems like they're not as sharp as usual and don't seem to be picking up on the amount of depth and shading in these pieces. 

In the above photo, the interference gold and metallic gold dustings he has are really picking up the light, causing certain areas to get a yellow hue. He's really a lovely tawny color in person. 

It is apparent to me that my painting technique has now far transcended my photography skillz! I will have to work harder to take more flattering photos!

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