Sunday, February 10, 2013

The New Web Design!

So, it's taking me a while, especially on those resin pages as a lot of those particularly needed updating, but the new website design launch is hopefully a thing soon to come! You've noticed the blog design update I'm sure. I wanted more of a lighter feel with a hint of whimsy. I think with the curvy script (still very easy to read) and the lighter less symmetrical background design with softer colors, I get that feel. 

Here are some peeks at what's to come! First up is the Equine Art index page. Nothing fancy, just a simple intro and gateway to all the site's equine areas:

Finishwork is the new title for the gallery section. The title bar, side buttons, and creamy background are the main design changes which move throughout the site. The Finishwork area will of course be up to date! There are a lot of painted ponies that happened since my last update forever ago.

The resin section of the page is also vastly outdated currently. So, this will be a very much needed pick-me-up to this section! You'll also notice that instead of calling the area "Sculptures/Resins" it's just called LE Resins now. Keep reading to find out why.

Yep! Since I'm into ceramics now, they need their own pages too! Since I'm just starting out, obviously this section will be small at first; but it will grow! I'll have a page for each sculpture I cast in ceramic, and probably a one off finishwork page showing some examples of my work on other's clinky pieces. Seriously, because who doesn't like eye candy?

So, you can see while it's nothing major, it's still in my opinion a great improvement over the current one - and not just in means of being up to date! Another very important part to the site update will be the policies that will now be listed in the sales area. I'm done with the finishwork and clinky sections. The next biggest section to tackle is the resins, and I'm almost halfway there. Policies will take a little time, but otherwise it'll be ready for the upload/reveal at that point! 

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Sage said...

The previews look great, Jenn! I like the color scheme. I also think it fits with the products that you’re selling. Everything looks well-organized too. I hope you manage to launch it soon.

-Sage Aumick