Sunday, January 13, 2013


Jennifer Buxton mentions we've been having pretty cold days in Colorado on her blog. I'm up a few thousand feet from her, so we usually are about 10-15 degrees *colder*! It was -15 last night. The Saint Bernards are happy as clams. Myr is his cold, crabby self and hanging in there. Rocky, I'm convinced, is part polar bear. He is totally content to be out in this kind of weather. 

I, am not. It was a great day to crank up the heat and stay inside! I figured I'd been spending a lot of time updating the blog with ceramics that it was time to post on painting again. So, since I got a lot done tonight, I'd show you a couple pics!

Technically this guy has been done for quite some time. But I never got around to taking photos of him until now. 

 That color is super cool in person. Because it's layer upon layer of color, and those layers aren't fully opaque, you see this depth with the undertones coming through.

 Hints of burgundy an blues and purples shine through here and there depending on where the light happens to be hitting. This guy was a commission and his owner will be thrilled to have him arrive. 

Next is a Mini Pearl. This is the little one, not the more LB/Pebbles scale one. She's also a commission, and I *know* her owner is ready to have her home! ;)

I absolutely love the light flaxen mane and tail on this piece. Lots of movement to paint on! I also love how her face came out.

I've got lots more horses that had a lot happen to them today, but only took photos of the ones that needed to ship soon. Photos take a lot of time so I decided to use that time painting. I know that means less eye candy, but it also means a blog post for later. :) 


Carol said...

Nice work! I love the color on the Mini Pearl :)

Jenn Scott said...

Thanks a bunch Carol! Can't wait to see what's coming out of your own studio next :)