Sunday, September 2, 2012

A peek at what's around the bend

I'm someone who can't keep their hands still. I can't watch a movie with my husband without having something to work on. Unfortunately, I can't paint and watch the tube, as my painting requires one long focused session. Sculpting is another matter. Its great to fill those tiny 5-10 minute spaces. Below are pictures of three pieces that are very near completion. 

This includes an Icelandic Horse stallion. 

An Irish Draught mare - who is with Jennifer Buxton for prepping. Photo is shamelessly pilfered without permission from Jennifer's blog as I never took in progress photos like I usually do. 

The third is of a foundation-type Morgan mare. Her legs need thinning and her face needs refinement, but Laura Behning is helping me out with making this gal look perfect since she'll ultimately be a portrait model of her mare Willy Remember Me.

Next post should be of a round of completed finishwork horses!


Sian said...

Squeeeeeeee! Little icelandic!

KarenBeeson said...

I always love how you sculpt heads, Jenn, but I can see how you are pushing your limits even further with these! What wonderful work!!