Monday, May 16, 2011

Misty Monday

I love misty (or in Colorado's case cloudy) days. The weather obliged me this morning, wrapping our little valley in a blanket of light fog as the clouds rolled through. It was wonderful, even if it didn't last as long as I'd like.

Then it was time to drive to the new Smooth-On distribution center that just opened up in Colorado a few weeks ago for supplies. I am thrilled about this! It's only about an hour's drive and I don't need to spend a stupid amount on shipping. I basically used to pay so much for shipping that I could have bought another product instead. Not only is it a cost saver to have the center local, but it's also a time saver. No more waiting a week for product! That's wonderful when you have a deadline. Bad when they only had one gallon of rubber though when I needed two. ;) Oh well. Can't win them all. The salesman that was there was wonderful to speak with about the products, even if he was the reason that second gallon of rubber wasn't there for me. We both agree on which rubber is best apparently. :D Anyway, it was a good time visiting the location and starting my relationship with a rep who'll be seeing a lot of me.

Besides packing resins for shipping today, I did get a chance to work on a few more painted pieces. There is a live show coming up and I for once want to see some of my own pieces on those tables. The first is a Darling resin in bay tobiano with lots of white, which is a commission for S.P. Her other side will have even less color. So far I think she looks smashing and very much like a groomed paint you'd see on the hunter circuit.

The next was going to be my donation for the NAN raffle this year - a painted Llanura. However with the release of Quick Draw to my mailing list I decided he needed more exposure and asked my NAN rep if I could switch them out. So, I'll be finishing this gal up for the show anyway and also handing a cast QD to Teresa B.

I am debating on leaving her color like this or putting some dry-brushed layers of oils on her and see where she goes. Sometimes chestnuts turn out best when there's no plan in mind and you just let things happen. Either way she'll have a blaze and one little sock.

My problem is I'm being indecisive as I can see her in a few options at this point - rabicano roan, bird spot appy, the see-where-it-goes chestnut or leave her as is. You'll just have to wait and see along with me where this gal ends up!

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Aldreahart said...

If you need rabicano reference pics I have tons. My mare is a heavy exstensive rabi.