Monday, April 18, 2011

Misc. Monday

Just a hodge podge of stuff today. So, in no particular order:

We have another peek of the Johann. I just love this little resin. Morgen's stuff is just so nice! And, this small traditional scale is just *wonderful* to paint. I should take a photo of the neighbor's horse, who is my inspiration, and post it here. Maybe next time. Johann will be up for sale by the end of this week!

If you're a member of my mailing list, then you've just seen the post of these shots. I have a client that needed a sculpture example of mine for a job I'm hoping to get. Of course I can just send a stark white unpainted piece so I quickly painted this Llanura resin up with the airbrush I use for my basecoats. She actually looks pretty nice in my opinion for a quickie paint job!

More Llanura.

And some more. If you want to see the whole spectrum, you'll have to go the mailing list's group album.

I just love this shot. I think it shows off how spectacular her tail is. :D

And let's finish off on a great note! Vicky Norris took her newly-completed Reiner commission to the Mini Balls & Tejas live show. She tells me he won a first in workmanship and a second in breed. She also tells me that he won his two performance classes she entered in. Photo is complimentary Vicky - thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!

If you have photos of *your* Aspen Leaf winners, I would *love* to post them here!

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