Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Painting Peek!

Lots of horses are getting painted and preparing to get out the studio door over here! I haven't had time to crop or edit (to correct color when necessary) any of their photos yet, but I have these guys pictured below photographed and uploaded to my computer. I have a Victrix in there as well, though she was a day late to join these for their group photo shoot. Probably a good thing as my background was barely big enough for these five!

Stay tuned for more photos of these five and the Victrix shortly! And then five-six MORE horses after that! I'm on a painting spree!


Sharon S said...

Hi Jenn,
Saw your Mom's lovely quilt over at Green Fairy Quilts & was wondering if she got the quilt(piecing) pattern from the same place as the embroidery designs? TIA Sharon

Jenn Scott said...

Hey Sharon! Didn't Judi do a fantastic job?! It's just gorgeous in person. Mom actually used her own pattern for the blocks. She took bits and pieces of Bunny Hill's pattern for Henrietta Squirrel and combined it with blocks she had made from a different much larger block pattern she had started on and cut down to match the other block sizes for this quilt. Most of the embroidery designs are edited Sue Box "Enchanted Fairy Treasures" but there's some in there from another set I can't remember the name of. Sorry I can't help you any more than that!