Friday, August 26, 2011

Peek-a-Boo Peek

Remember that cute little cookie of the foal peeking through mamma's tail? Well, I got him molded and cast the other day and prepped for production molding just now! :D I've really been wanting some little item to stock for fun that was affordable to everyone or that I could give to shows as a donation piece that was readily available. Cookies fit the bill. Besides, who doesn't like cookies? Nom nom.

I'll only be selling this when copies are in stock and of course they'll go through my mailing list first. Link to the list should be on the right hand column there. I'll be asking $20 plus postage. I can tell you all right now that one day hubby will wake up to find lots of Peek-a-Boo magnets on the fridge! :D

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