Saturday, December 11, 2010

Llanura - Sencillo's mate

So, I've been plugging quietly away at this girl for probably around a year now. With the backlog, I haven't devoted much time to her, but she's finally had enough little work sessions on her to call her complete. I am *thrilled* with the way she came out!

Her name is Llanura (pronounced Ya new' ra - roll that rrrrrrr) and it means "plain". Sencillo means simple so we have "Plain and Simple" for our mustang pair. She's the epitome of a feral mare of spanish mustang decent. Bigger round bones, the spanish tail set/croup/hips, a chunkier head, short straight back, knotted/tangled mane/tail...the list goes on. Now, to make room for some of those babies she's probably had, her back is no longer so straight. Her hair is slightly windblown as she's standing in the same little breeze Sencillo is hunkering down in.

Her full array of photos can be seen on my yahoo groups mailing list in the albums section. If you're not a member and want to be, click here:


Unknown said...

Hey Jen, I really like her and would hate her to be less than perfect! so can I point out one small thing I see? her eyes are too far down on her head.. too much space between her eyes and ears.. Id move them up a bit and then Id say she is great.. and goes really well with her stud boy!
Becky Turner

Jenn Scott said...

You can ALWAYS point things out to me, Becky! After looking really hard at her and my reference photos, you're right. They are just a *smidge* too low. Unfortunately I've already got her in rubber now so it's too late to change them. Not bad though if that was the only thing you saw. ;)

Meekkeet Studio said...

Is Llanura already released? I really want to buy one!