Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dirt, Static, and Real Horses

It's been so dry and dusty here lately. No amount of brushing can remove the sheer amount of dirt on my two boys - trust me I've tried! It's really time for a bath, but it's been so cold lately there hasn't been opportunity. So, I've been exploring eco-friendly alternatives to pencil and paper on our 2 y/o 100% foundational bred Morgan gelding, Rocky...

He's such a sweetie he has no idea I'm having fun at his expense. He just registers that I'm touching and petting him. My other boy, 5 y/o Arabian gelding Myrlyn isn't as succesful as a dirtboard. He's very light and so the writing doesn't show up. Hubby and I have taken to writing new messages on hem every morning for our own amusement. We're so bad.

Myr has so much static cling from the dryness his tail is spreading out like one of those fiberoptic globe things. No pictures of that yet though.

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Georgia said...

Have you ever tried vacuuming? Sounds crazy, and it sometimes takes some getting used to with that noise, but all you need is a little shop vac or something and no more winter dust! Where I ride it's the winter equivalent to brushing-- you may need a curry comb still to loosen up the big clods of dirt and caked on mud, but it really, really keeps the dust down. :)