Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Mini Blobness and a Sneak Peek

Mini Darcy is shaping up, though she is most definitely still in the rough layout stage. Proportions are a bit off and so she'll need to be cut up and put back together in places. Things need to be sanded and other need building up. She really looks aweful right now, but again, this is for learning more about what goes in to sculpting a mini from scratch so they get posted anyway! They'll be fun to look back at after she's been beautified. ;)

Also, because I'm having such a good time with the mini and I'd like to get more out, I've got another little one I've started! The pose was taken from a photo of a Saddlebred and I was going to go that way, but I think I was channeling my Arabian at the time because this little thing just kind of went towards that breed on it's own accord. So, I'm not gonna fight it when it's yelling that loud at me!

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Lynn A. Fraley said...

You're doing a great job with them Jenn. Mini Darcy's going to be quite a charmer. And no, when a sculpture forms a firm opinion about what it needs to be, it's best not to argue. ;-)