Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lofty Goals

Here's the latest piece I'm working on sculpturally in the studio! I'm really excited and putting lots of energy into this piece. The dynamic pose is completely feeding my need to do something different from a standing horse, and with the twisting he's doing his best to stand out from the other jumpers in the crowd of the resin world. He's already got a presence in person, and I'm only really finished with blocking out the position and the muscling in the left side of the shoulder neck, and upper front leg. Needless to say, that makes me one happy camper!

The other thing that makes me pretty happy about this piece is that he's turning out to not be near as much of a challenge to get correct as I originally thought. Though I've probably just jinxed myself now. I really struggled with Darcy's stretched out back legs so we'll see how this guy's posterior goes.


Laura Dotson-Thomson said...

Pppprrreeeeeetttyyyy........ Oh man I can see him in a starry gray or dynamic bay with a nice tack set and an Olympic-replica jump just heading for the final fences :) Of course, that'll probably never become a reality in my showstring, but I can drool over someone else's masterpiece, hehehe.

Claudi said...

Ohhhh Woooow - I love him !