Saturday, February 16, 2013

Brigid "Shows Up" Painted!

I received a photo of a painted Brigid from one of my customers today. This particular photo was one of the more fun ones as it involved ribbons and titles!

Owner Shay Canfield just sent me this image of her "Cherry Cordial" - a Brigid resin painted to red chestnut by Beth Hoffert. This is Cherry Cordial winning Reserve Champion Sport Breed at Sea to Bay live show today! Congrats to Shay and Beth and Cherry on the win! :D

And yes, Brigid is still available in resin and being cast by MVS. All orders placed have had their ponies shipped out so there'll be virtually no wait on new copies ordered. Interested in purchasing her? Please go to her web page:

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Sian said...

VERY pretty! Go Cherry!